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All our windows have a thermal rating of 'A' or higher

All our windows have a thermal rating of ‘A’ or higher to ensure energy efficiency. Our higher energy rated windows ensure warmth stays inside your home and is not wasted radiating out of your windows causing you to pay higher energy bills.  

New Double Glazed Windows Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Double Glazing are a small family double glazing company in Wolverhampton who you can trust to give you the level of service you expect whether you are looking for new windows, new doors or any type of double glazing repair in Wolverhampton.

Feel free to call our friendly team and we will do all we can to help you, whether you would like some advice of if you would like to arrange a free no obligation survey and quote on replacement double glazing Wolverhampton, a new front door or back door or for any window repair.

New uPVC Windows Wolverhampton

uPVC (unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride: if you were wondering) is the most popular choice for UK homes. The use of uPVC as a replacement for your old windows is the most widely recommended material used by double glazing companies and the most common material chosen by UK homeowners.
The advantages of uPVC for your new windows

The Advantages of Choosing uPVC Windows

Cheaper than other materials
If you’re looking to replace your double glazed windows on a budget then uPVC are usually the best solution as new uPVC windows Wolverhampton are considerably cheaper than timber framed double glazing, aluminium framed windows and composite double glazing.

Durable and easy to maintain
uPVC is the most durable of all the double glazing framed materials available, and it’s non corrosive so it will not rust or rot and become draughty. uPVC double glazing frames are also fully weather and storm proof so damp and cold cannot penetrate. Wooden framed double glazing can rot and warp over time and need special treatment to maintain their appearance and to prevent them from rotting and aluminium windows Wolverhampton can corrode. All that is required to keep uPVC windows looking their best is a simple wipe with a soapy cloth.

The wide range of colours and styles 
uPVC at one time only came in white and looked plastic and cheap but today uPVC windows come in a range of colours and different finishes and even a wood grain finish if you want your windows to look like traditional hardwood frames.

Great Security 
uPVC frames have a steel core making them extremely difficult to damage and break through and are highly resilient and robust and so offer a higher degree of security than wooden framed double glazing.

Energy efficient
As uPVC is a non-conductive material it allows more heat to stay inside of your home more effectively than aluminium frame.

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New Windows Wolverhampton


If you are looking around and considering new windows in Wolverhampton for your home then Wolverhampton Double glazing can help. We are able to supply a wide range of different types of window including sash windows, casement windows Wolverhampton, tilt and turn windows Wolverhampton and bay windows Wolverhampton.


There are plenty of methods are available for you to enhance the living experience that you can get at home. Getting new windows installed hold a prominent place out of them. Just like you get new carpets, fresh pain, and new furnishings, the new windows are also in a position to provide a refreshed experience to you. You will love the unique experience that comes to you with it and it will definitely impress you.


When you are getting new windows installed at home, you have multiple options to consider. Getting uPVC double glazed windows can be considered as the best option available out of them for you to consider. That’s because you will be provided with the opportunity to experience a large number of benefits with new uPVC windows Wolverhampton.


After getting the new windows or new double glazinginstalled, you expect them to provide an excellent service to you with maintaining the overall temperature of the home throughout the entire year. That’s where you need to go for an energy efficient solution such as the new double glazed windows Wolverhampton.


To let your windows provide insulation to the home, you need to make sure that the pane of glass is insulated properly. In order to do this, you will be able to get started with two different panes of glass, instead of one pane. Then you will be able to allow the area that exists in between the two panes to hold air. This air would usually be a neutral gas, such as argon. As a result, you will be able to receive insulating properties with minimum hassle. That’s where a double glazing window Wolverhampton will be able to assist you with.


Due to the availability of a neutral gas layer, the conductivity of heat will be minimized. Therefore, you will be able to make sure that the warmth is remained outdoors or indoors, based on what time of the year it is. The new double glazing in Wolverhampton can therefore provide you with peace of mind throughout the entire year.


When your home is insulated properly with the help of new double glazing in Wolverhampton, you will be provided with the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable stay. In other words, you will be able to make sure that the cooling and heating systems would work properly while ensuring maximum efficiency. During the summer season, it will be warm outside in Wolverhampton. But you will be able to make sure that the heat from outside doesn’t come into your home through the windows. Likewise, you will be able to make sure that the warmth trapped inside your home is not leaked outside during the colder winter season in Wolverhampton. Therefore, all the people in Wolverhampton should think about getting new uPVC windows Wolverhampton installed at their homes.


With the help of uPVC windows, you will not just be able to increase the value of your property, but can also increase the resale value. You will love the time that is being spent inside the home as well.


For every type of new windows please give us a call and we will do our best to find you the right windows for your home at the best price.

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